Alton Brown Cooks Up Controversy By Naming An 'Ugly' Dog After Rival Celebrity Chef

We know from previous reporting that Alton Brown loves animals, ESPECIALLY stray kittens.

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Something else he loves? Dunking on other famous foodies, in this case, chef Gordon Ramsay.

And however unlikely it may seem, a lost dog that trailed Brown to his Marietta, Georgia house this week provided the Food Network star with the opening to roast his friend and rival.

But, first, the requisite backstory.

In an update posted to Twitter on Thursday, Brown shared video of an adorable shar pei wolfing down a plate of food in his kitchen.

With a mixture of bemusement, exasperation, and sarcasm, he added the following:

"It's Thursday night about 11:45 and something followed me home. I ... I ... think it's a dog ... He followed me and I don't ... [ sighs ] ... I'm not set up for this. If this is your dog, or know anything, please, tweet me and say so."

When a visit to the vet the next day failed to turn up tags or a microchip, Brown jumped back on the microblogging platform to update the situation.

And included with a second plea for the pup's owner to come forward was the aforementioned dig at Ramsay:

"Uh, very kind of special breed. Hideously ugly, but amazingly sweet ... and housebroken. And now he's in my office ... We just took him to the vet and he does not have a chip implanted in him. So, uh now, hey dog ... GORDON RAMSAY, COME HERE — [ snickers ] someone said we should name him Gordon Ramsay. Anyway, he's not my dog and I'm not keeping him. But if you know this dog ... tweet me or something. I'm gonna go make posters to put up."

Hilarious, amirite? 😂 😂 😂

As it was, the viral buzz around Brown's posts had their intended effect: Less than four hours later, the shar-pei —  whose real name was revealed to be Ollie — was safely reunited with his human parents, none the worse for the wear.

Naturally, the news brought a round of cheers — and jokes —  from Brown's followers, including this very good take.

Keep it locked on this space for future Alton Brown updates, which we're sure will continue to straddle the line between adorbs and LOL.