Pumpkin Spice Lattes For Dogs Are A Real Thing Now Because 2017

If you've been counting down the days until sweater weather and pumpkin everything, get ready to get even more excited for autumn: A company just invented pumpkin spice lattes for dogs, which is great, since we're already taking our dogs to Starbucks every chance we get and, TBH, they obviously love it.

The Honest Kitchen is bringing PSLs to your pup, because dogs DGAF if you think they're basic. The mix costs $11.99 and will be available in October (although preorders are currently out of stock — fingers crossed that they get more in and STAT).

If it seems like this is the sign that we've truly reached peak pumpkin obsession as a society, that's fair — it probably is. But it's another excuse to cozy up with your pet all fall long and who doesn't want that.

Call us basic, but we're here for it.