23 Dogs Who Would Do Anything For Their Humans

Dogs love their humans, but some dogs truly go above and beyond to show their dedication. Here are 25 dogs who would do literally ANYTHING for their best friends.

1. You won't think of "ambulance chasing" as a bad thing ever again:

2. "We're TRYING, okay?"

3. Sometimes, the small things say "I love you" the loudest.

4. But REALLY, who saved who?

Recovering Addict And His Dog Rescued Each Other

“The biggest thing that she’s taught me is to live in the moment. Despite everything that she’s gone through she’s allowed me into her life.”

Posted by The Dodo on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

5. No, YOU'RE crying.


7. Note to self: Train dog to protect me from snakes.

8. The only partner you'll ever need.


10. Times have changed.

11. TEN MILLION POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR (because this dog is DEFINITELY in Gryffindor).

12. TBH, the graphics HAVE gotten really realistic.

13. "I will help earn a living to support this family!"

14. Sorry, laughter. Turns out DOGS are the best medicine.

Incredible Service Dog Takes The Best Care Of His Mom

This amazing service dog knows EXACTLY how to take care of his mom after her brain injury 👏👏👏

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, August 7, 2017

15. "No, you've had a long day. Let me help."

16. Riding on the back of a bike = love no matter what species you are.

17. The things we do for love, right?

18. "Lesson 1: Blowdryers are evil, but I will protect you. Tomorrow we'll go over vacuums."

19. Sometimes it's the thought that counts.

20. Best. Security. System. Ever.

21. "My favorite human is making a new human and DON'T TOUCH IT."

22. Nothing has ever been as true as this:

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