Cat Lovers Purr At CatCon, The Most Amazing Cat-Themed Gathering Ever

There were surprisingly few cats at the third annual CatCon held in Pasadena, California, but that's because the event isn't about cats. It's about people. Specifically, people who are really really really into cats. Like the tattooed couple we met who traveled all the way from Boulder, Colorado to the Pasadena Convention Center to congregate over cat-themed apparel, viral videos, and a smattering of planned celebrity-kitty appearances.

It's cat fandom run delightfully amok for the over 15,000 cat lovers who attended this year's convention. Here, then, are the most amewzing people and things Team Cuteness saw at CatCon Worldwide 2017.

1. A giant ball of string.

Cat lovers purr in Pasadena at annual CatCon
credit: Ryan Tronier

Okay, so it was yarn wrapped around a yoga ball. But for many attendees, the Pet Collective's human-sized cat toy was just what the veterinarian ordered.

2. This cat psychic.

Cat lovers purr in Pasadena at annual CatCon
credit: Ryan Tronier

Serena Toxicat is an ordained priestess who runs a temple for divine felines in Oakland, California. Serena will tell your cat's fortune with her Incredible Psychic Meow Tarot Deck.

3. This cat rapper

Moshow is Portland's the world's No. 1 cat rapper. Sadly, Moshow is a human and not a cat; however, he is still a very good rapper who broke Facebook a few years back while rapping in the bath tub with his cat.

Cat Bath Don't try this at home kids lol (use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Posted by Iammoshow on Saturday, December 17, 2016

4. This couple who will sell you a prosthesis to groom your cat.

Cat lovers purr in Pasadena at annual CatCon
credit: Ryan Tronier

Tara and Jason O'Mara are the inventors of the Licki Brush, a silicone rubber device that allows a human to bond with their cat by grooming. This pussy-licking couple has been everywhere from Live With Kelly to Jimmy Kimmel Live! extolling the virtues of humans grooming cats.

5. A loom to spin your own cat-hair yarn.

Winner of the Say What? Award (not really a thing, btw) is Nine Lives Twine who is basically ground zero for the non-existent movement for yarn made from handspun pet hair. (We're teasing, kinda.) The company also specializes in "meowmorials" and other keepsakes made from your kitty's precious fur.

6. The original cat lady

Not to be confused with garden variety cat ladies, actor Julie Newmar is known for her reoccurring role as the villainess Catwoman in the 1960s' version of Batman.


Sorry guys ... But if you're wondering where the party is for good boys and girls, convention organizers announced DogCon in 2018.

8. Neon Litter's Cat Rave

Welcome to the #NeonLitter Rave, cool cats! Shop now:

Posted by Neon Litter on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Does your cat like to poop and have a good time? Well then ... party on!

9. Magic for your cat.

Assisi Animal Health provides what they call target pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for pets. We're not sure what that means, but we imagine that now your cat can unlock the ancient healing wisdom of loops (which might not even be a thing).

10. Lots and lots of cat ladies.

Seriously, where would a cat convention be without our girls? AMIRITE?

11. Let's not forget cat daddies.

Women may be enjoying higher test scores, increased success everywhere, and basically shattering glass like freaking bosses, but dudes are making big strides with cats. Watch out, ladies.

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