This Peg-Legged Pup Is The Precious Poster Dog For Survival

Picture it: Poland, 2015. Łukasz Muniowski and his wife, Natalia, were taking a leisurely bike ride through the countryside when they spotted a stumbling dog in the distance.

Muniowski told The Dodo that at first, the scared pup scampered off into a nearby drain.

The couple noticed there was something strange about how the doggo moved.

"Her run … was very awkward," Muniowski said. "Her back was in the air, the back legs were wobbly and didn't touch the ground. It's really strange to describe because I've never seen anything like it."

The couple got closer to investigate. Muniowski extended his hands in front of the lost dog who sniffed accordingly and instantly decided this human could be trusted. Dogs just know. The couple decided to take the dog home with them because how could they not?!

They named her 'Bobby' and knew she'd be a forever member of the family.

Immediately after her rescue, Bobby was taken to a veterinarian for a complete examination. Her new owners worried that her back legs were broken. Muniowski described one leg as "hanging from a single thread". The poor pup!

Doctors said that Bobby may have been hit by a car and was most likely suffering from her injuries for 3-4 weeks. That leg, unfortunately, had to be amputated but Bobby is a true survivor, an absolute trooper!

She now has a brace, a new home and a loving family that has stood by her side through her admirable journey to recovery!

Her owners are proud of the progress she has made. They feared she would never walk again, but Bobby is truly the poster dog for survival. She enjoys walks with mom and dad and running through the grass.

Bobby never passes up a good ol' fashioned cuddle sesh with her new fam.

After a month of living on her own with unimaginable injuries, Bobby deserves all the rest in the world.

We applaud her for her bravery, strength, and resilience. Cheers to Bobby!