Dog Sneaks Out For A Swim, Worries The Heck Out Of His Human

If you live in a city called Stillwater — how can you NOT enjoy leisurely swims? That was the exact logic used by a certain doggo named Chancie.

This adventurous pup traveled nearly six miles away from his home and ended up doggy paddling in a wastewater treatment plant. Stillwater is located in Oklahoma. Oklahoma gets hot. What's a pup to do?

City officials shared on their facebook page that Chancie was found swimming in a clean water basin at the wastewater treatment. The doggo was discovered by a treatment plant worker who contacted animal control.

Stillwater Animal Control then contacted Chancie's overjoyed human, letting him know his beloved pet was safe, sound, and apparently completed his cardio for the day.

Chancie's human, Scott Nutt, shared that the pup was bathed, given his medication and is back home safe. Peace is restored.

Here's to taking chances and happy endings (and midnight swims)!

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