Meet Redd, The Baby Orangutan Who Is An Endangered Cuddle Monster

On September 12, 2016, the Smithsonian Institute National Zoo welcomed a new member to their animal family.

Meet Redd, The Baby Orangutan Who Is An Endangered Cuddle Monster
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Baby Redd, a Bornean orangutan, became the first orangutan born at the zoo in 25 years. And though it was obvious his fellow orangutan clan already adored him, he quickly won the hearts of just about every visitor to the zoo who was lucky enough to see him. And, thanks to these 20 pictures of how he's grown throughout the past several months, you can see why he's the talk of the town.

Just look at this face ....

... and his wild hair! 😻😽

Redd's mom, 19-year-old Batang, sure loves to cuddle with her little guy.

Redd and his momma are inseparable ...

... and she takes excellent care of him.

They are bananas for each other. 🍌🍌🍌🍌

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They even speak a "secret" language.

But, of course, daddy is still in the picture, too.

And, let's be real, with a face like that, Redd has plenty of friends.

Is that a baby orangutan in your pocket or is your purse the cutest thing I've ever seen?

When he was little, it was hard to tell where Redd ended and his mom began.

Even as he's grown, they're still pretty inseparable.

Visitors have gotten to see Redd explore.

He's grown quickly ...

... and gained all sorts of confidence in his skills.

Redd is pretty dang smart ...

.. and, at least for now, his favorite way to explore the world is by his mom's side.

His happy mom doesn't seem to mind.

Redd is excited about the world around him ...

... and the world is equally as excited about Redd.

So next time you're in the Washington D.C. area, be sure to go see Redd for yourself!

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