Literally, Just The 25 Funniest Photos Of Pets Staring At Food

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A love for food is one of the uniting factors across all of the animal kingdom.

1. "I'm supposed to be dieting but, boy, does that look nice."

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2. "I bet it's so delicious ... "

3. "I tasted the whole bag, and it was delicious."

4. Happy face = treats, right?

5. "If it were just me and you, meat ... "

6. Don't mind me.

7. Just look at that yummy.

8. Mamma Mia!

9. "Pizza! I had no idea."

10. The thirst is real.

11. This thirst is real(er).

12. "Why, yes, I am very interested in tasting that, thank you."

13. "I'm not begging, I'm pleading politely."

14. "Today is my cheat day."

15. Mwahaha!

16. "This. Is. The. Single. Greatest. Day. Of. My. Life."

17. "Of course, I'll marry you!" — this funny-looking dog

18. "This feast is as big as me."

19. Eyes on the prize.

21. Bad math: 2 + dog = (1) treat

22. "It's bad for both of us, so ... "

23. Large turkey and a smaller, hungrier turkey.

24. "I'll wait."

25. "That. Yes, please. Did you hear me? I said, yes, please. I'll take it. Yes. Now. Why is this taking so long. That. YES, PLEASE."