Episode 15: Do Pets Understand Time?

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Dogs and cats just have a way of knowing when their owners are about to walk through the door, but how could they possibly know?

Well, if you've ever wondered if dogs perceive days or why your cat is waiting by the door when you come home, then sirs and madams — we've got some information that you need to hear!


Video of the Day

In this episode, Cuteness petsperts Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo explore the mysterious world of animal intelligence. And believe us, pets are freaking smart in ways that humans never even imagined. Have you ever tried to get peanut butter out of a jar without use of your opposable thumbs? We didn't think so.


You'll also hear all about Renee's brand-new puppy, score a few tips about acclimating your pooch to a new dog park, and Allegra walks you through leash training your pup.

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Now, doesn't that sound nice! Yeah? Well then, press play and get to some dang podcasting already! And if you like what you're hearing, have a listen to our episode about why dogs howl to music.

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