Dog Owners Spend 3 Times As Much Money As Cat Owners To Save Their Pets

How much would you spend to save your pet during a medical emergency? Your gut instinct is probably "INFINITY DOLLARS," but a survey by LendEDU gets to the bottom of how much pet owners actually spend in those heartbreaking scenarios.

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As CNBC reports, dog owners are willing to put down way more money when their pets' lives are on the line than cat owners. The survey found that dogs owners are willing to spend as much as $10,725 to save their pets, but cat owners only go as high as $3,454. That's a $7,000 difference or almost three times as much to save a dog as a cat.

But, interestingly enough, being a dog owner makes you more generous with cats too. People who owned both a dog and a cat were willing to spend $10,200 on their cat and $10,392 on their dog.

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This isn't too surprising since dog owners tend to spend more on their pets in general, not just when it comes to medical bills. LendEDU reports that dog owners spend an average of $2,033 each on their pets, while cat owners average about half that, $1,042 a year.