Dog Has Out-Of-This-World Resemblance To The Solar Eclipse

The movie The Lion King taught us that our loved ones are always staring down at us from heaven. But what happens when your loved one, who still lives, stares down at you during a solar eclipse? Because for one dog owner, the eclipse didn't just make the sky dark ... it made the sky bark.

A New Jersey woman claims that the solar eclipse bares an uncanny resemblance to her dog. And seeing the side-by-side comparison will chill you right down to the (delicious) bone.

The perfect placement of the nose-like clouds combined with the eclipse side-eye stare makes this picture an impeccably captured dogclipse.

Nina Magariello, who owns the now universally-famous dog Cody, told that her 2-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is "out there." Little did she know, Cody was all the way out there into the solar system.

Imagine Margariello's surprise when she looked up at the eclipse and saw what the Beatles would describe as, "Cody in the sky with double-eye-mounds."

So keep your eyes peeled when it comes to seeing signs from your pets since, based on this moment, it could literally happen anywhere, anytime.