13 Hilarious Amazon Reviews For Pet Products That Will Make You Throw Money At Your Screen

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BRB, buying each and everyone of these things.

1. "The item was slightly larger than I expected, but I shrunk my doll house cat and now it works perfectly."

2. "It is more tender than the centaur I've had, and far less stringy than faun. My only concern is that after feeding it to my infant son, his diaper was filled with skittles."

3. "The dog found and consumed them ... the kitchen now looked like a post nuclear battlefield."

4. "I wear this mask to sing lullabies to my children. They are terrified of the mask. Whenever they protest about their bedtime, or ask for too many sweets, I whip on the mask, and they soon know who is King Penguin."

5. "Best of all? Transparent. It TAUNTS your cats to fruitlessly attack it's three millimeter thick armor. Their claws are useless against it. TERRITORIES ARE HELD, and cat food (and money) is saved making YOUR LIFE BETTER."

6. "She's a very smart dog, like a evil genius super villain. For that I only took off a star. Clearly not design[ed] for super villains. For a more normal dog, this would probably work out fine."

7. "Another child walked up, 'What kind of animal would you like?' I asked him. He said, 'a dinosaur.' I inflated a balloon all the way and handed it to him. 'What's this?' he asked. I thought for a minute and just stared at him and said, 'a snake.'"

8. "If you don't mind being detained indefinitely by the FBI for genetic-alteration terrorism, then this is the costume for you!"

9. "The whole house was green with envy. My brother threw his new iPhone 6 plus, sending it crashing against the wall. Father immediately lit his new neck tie on fire. Mom flushed her diamonds down the toilet. The dog pooped himself. Then, my sister proceed to shave her head in protest and insisted she be now called Peter. Meanwhile, as I stood, I realized I had grown 3 inches and my acne disappeared."

10. "The major problem I had was that my cats learned to get food out of the feeder whenever they pleased ... "

11. "Is this product cat proof?" "Yes, however you have to play the music 'Who Let The Dogs Out.'"

12. "I fell asleep with my Amazon app left open on my ipad and my little 10 lb dog must have walked across the keyboard and did a 'buy with 1 click ...'"

13. "It took less than 24 hours for my cat to decide that the countertops were not the place to go!"

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