15 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have A Fluffy AF Cat

"Big hair, don't care" — all these cats.

Here are 15 things you know are irrefutably true if you have a long-haired cat.

1. You buy lint rollers in bulk, so you can stash them in every room in the house.

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2. And let's not forget lint rollers for your daily commute or school bag.

15 things you’ll only understand if you have a fluffy cat
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3. But it doesn't matter because NONE of your clothes are safe from these furry demons.

15 things you’ll only understand if you have a fluffy cat
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4. Because shedding season is a 24-7-365 kind of affair, you burn through vacuum filters 1328 percent faster than the normal person.

5. And the employees at the fan store know you by name.

6. Despite your best efforts, you still find kitty's fluff in the strangest places. Like ice trays, which puts a literal and unwelcome twist on a hair-of-the-dog, eh, hair-of-the-cat, hangover cocktail.

7. "Do you have anything in a bottle?" — my friends when they come to my house and I offer them something to drink.

8. "Actually, let's go out" — the same friends when I reach for the wine.

9. You understand that regular grooming sessions can be tedious, but that they also present an opportunity to get in touch with your creative side.

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10. I mean, who knew that crafting accessories for your little buddies could be so much fun (and funny)?

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11. You also treat brushing the cat like a video game: Every chance is an opportunity to level up with a new high score.

12. And besides, one man's trash is another crazy cat lady's treasure.

13. Some cat owners even use it to mask patchy spots in their beard or mustache, we kid you not. 😉 😉 😉

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14. In a way, having a cat with long hair is just an excuse to buy more leggings. Because can you really ever have enough pairs? CAN YOU REALLY?

15. And you know it's called fur-niture for a reason: Think of it less as a couch and more of a hair bank.

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