23 Dogs Who Love Your Stinky Laundry Almost As Much As They Love You

23 Dogs Who Love Your Stinky Laundry Almost As Much As They Love You
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Sometimes doggos enjoy the intense aroma of your stinky clothes, while other times they want to sink into the warmth of those straight-out-of-the-dryer clothes. No matter what they're reasoning, here are a handful of pups who all agree that laundry day is the best day of the week.

1. Who knew dirty rags could be so yummy?

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2. Loving laundry lay-down time.

3. A laundry basket is a perfect place to take a smelly nap.

4. It doesn't even have to be a regular basket — any container that holds dirty clothes will do.

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5. "I heard it was laundry time, and I couldn't help myself."

6. You're never too young to love smelly laundry.

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7. "This grimy goodness is delicious."

8. This dog loves laundry so much, it doesn't want to part with it.

9. The glory of scummy socks isn't lost on this pup.

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10. Some dogs love to hide in a big pile of laundry.

11. And some dogs hide so well, they get upset if they're found.

12. While other dogs make sure they'll never be found.

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13. Dirty laundry may be stressful to you, but it makes some canines feel super chill.

14. "What do you mean I have to get out? I like it in here."

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15. This pup can't believe you'd go and ruin something so wonderfully dirty by washing it.

16. A heaven of warmth and smells.

17. So many laundry emotions.

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18. Warning: Dirty laundry may cause intense relaxation (hover to play).

19. May we all be surrounded by what makes us happiest, just like this dog.

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20. "If you want to wash this laundry, you're gonna have to go through me first."

A post shared by Dicey Battle (@diceybattle) on

21. This dog loves laundry so much, he's learned to help during the most difficult step of the process.

22. "Do not judge me for loving your dirty laundry."

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23. "I love your laundry so much, I became your laundry."

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