This Foster Dog's Resume Will Land Him A Job In Your Heart

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If you're having a hard time landing your dream job, you tweak your resume. One genius dog lover applied that logic to help a wonderful foster pup find a forever home.

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Mowgli, a 4 ½-year-old dog from Rwanda, needed a home so his foster mom, Megan Frantz's, boyfriend stepped in with a genius idea.

"[M]y boyfriend (master of dog puns) helped my best friend put together a resume for her dog for her temporary foster family and it's so good," she tweeted, along with Mowgli's revamped resume.


With skills like "giving upside down hugs" and "international travel," Mowgli would be a great addition to any family.

Megan's boyfriend even included a page two of the resume, full of pictures that show off what a wonderful companion Mowgli is.

Every dog deserves a resume like this.


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