Pomeranian Kenzie Bites Off More Than He Can Chew

Erika found Kenzie online via Petfinder: "He was in Kentucky," Erika explains. "A foster found him in the kennel, mixed in with lots of big dogs. She fostered him for a couple of weeks before he was transported to [my area] and the rest is history!"

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The 8-year-old Pomeranian, named Kenzie, is as friendly as they come and has become her apartment building's mascot: "We get stopped at least three times by people squealing, 'he's so cute!' and wanting to say hello," says Erika.

Kenzie's a little bit of a troublemaker — he's a bit of a trash thief! While it started with eating just a few tissues, unfortunately, Kenzie went a step further while Erika was doing laundry at a friend's house. "I figured he ate some toilet paper and that was it." By the next morning, he'd thrown up a feminine hygiene product. He was barely eating, and by the following day, he'd vomited even more. Erika offered him his favorite food — chicken — and it also wouldn't stay down.

"That evening, I took him to the emergency vet where they performed an x-ray and his stomach looked solid white!" Erika continues. An ultrasound showed what looked like a lot of cotton, so they proceeded with and endoscopy to remove the foreign substance. "They pulled out five tampons! He had eaten a total of eight tampons — throwing up three — and he is only 18 pounds! That is one stuffed animal!"

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Kenzie had developed pancreatitis because of the material, so after surgery, he was sent home with prescription meds and a request for lots of rest. Healthy Paws covered $2,429 of the $3,331 claim, allowing Erika to devote all of her focus to Kenzie's recovery. "When I picked him up after the initial procedure, he was happy and begging for treats from the vet techs. I was so grateful! I feel so lucky that he survived and that I had Healthy Paws insurance because that was one heck of a bill!" Today, Kenzie is back to his happy self, fully recovered (and banned from the bathroom!).

Foreign body extraction is more popular than most pet parents realize; categorized under "stomach issues," it's the most common claim for both dogs and cats, and can run as much as $6,000 depending on the severity of the issue and vet rates where you live. Help protect your furry family (and your wallet), by getting a pet insurance quote today.

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