A Very Good Boy Rescued A Very Big Bag Of Dog Food From Hurricane Harvey

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You often never know how you'll respond in a dire situation until it's upon you. And for Otis, a German shepherd mix, a now-viral picture proved he's a straight up survivor.


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Otis lives in Sinton, Texas, an area heavily affected by Hurricane Harvey, and he was spotted in the hurricane's aftermath carrying a large bag of dog food around the flooded streets.

The picture soon went viral and people everywhere needed to know the fate of this furry brave refugee. Tiele Dockens, who took the picture, told the Washington Post that Otis looked familiar.


Wanting to make sure the dog wasn't lost or displaced because of the floods, Dockens followed behind him on the streets.

Otis took his prize directly to the home he had earlier run away from.

His "grandpa," Salvador Segovia, told WaPo that Otis ran out during the storms on Friday night and must have snagged a bag of dog food from a corner store.

Before Otis became world famous for his dog food mission, he was already a local celebrity. This hungry hound frequents all sorts of area businesses and coaxes goodies from townsfolk with his adorable sad-looking face. Now, of course, everybody knows Otis and hopefully, he gets even more treats!


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