The 21 Best Dog-Themed Movies To Binge-Watch This Weekend

Do you need more doggo in your weekend? Look no further than your favorite streaming platform. Here are 21 dog movies you can binge watch THIS weekend.


A Dog's Life

Netflix describes this one as a documentary that "explores how dogs perceive, understand, and experience reality." Basically, answering all the most important questions.

Dog by Dog

A documentary about the puppy mill industry — grab your tissues, obviously.

Second Chance Dogs

While you have the tissues handy, check out this documentary from the ASPCA that follows six dogs through rehabilitation.

Cats & Dogs

Need to laugh a little? This goofy 2001 family movie is MUCH lighter fair.

The Secret Life of Pets

If you liked Toy Story, wait until you see it with pets instead of toys.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Prepare to flash back to your childhood in a big way with this classic about pets who will go to any lengths to reunite with their family.

Turner & Hooch

The quintessential "cop and a dog team up" movie.


This movie will make you feel as good today as it did in the '90s.


My Dog Skip

What's better than a coming of age movie? A coming of age movie with a dog.

Who Gets the Dog?

This movie gets to the heart of the ACTUAL hardest part of a breakup.

The Dog Lover

This movie about a girl who goes undercover to investigate animal abuse will make you want to do the same.

Top Dog

Because man's best friend is also man's best police partner, duh.

Amazon Prime

All Dogs Go to Heaven

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll know in your heart that it's all true.

Teen Wolf

Because ... kind of a dog movie? Sorry, the Amazon Prime pickings are just really slim.


101 Dalmatians

The live-action version, not the cartoon.

102 Dalmatians

What's a marathon with out some sequel action?

Eight Below

The only kind of survival movie worth watching.

Marley & Me

BRB, sobbing already.

The Shaggy Dog

Just your classic workaholic-dad-turning-into-a-pet story.

Snow Dogs

Remember the early 2000s, when they made SO. MANY. DOG. MOVIES? Wasn't that just great?

Zeus and Roxanne

It's like the Parent Trap if the parents had a pet dog and pet dolphin who also became BFFs.