If You Thought Your Pets Were Spoiled, Check Out Paris Hilton's Dog House

We all want the best for our pets, which often means we splurge on them. We buy them too many adorable toys, we get them the best treats, and we indulge even their most annoying behaviors. And of course, we splurge on the coolest dog house we can find. But it's all worth it because we love them.

But don't worry, because your pet still isn't the most spoiled furball in the country, because we're pretty sure that honor belongs to Paris Hilton's dogs. The reality TV star recently shared a peek into her dog's house, and OMG, we kinda want to live there ourselves.

Paris Hilton's dogs live in THE most elaborate dog house, and it kinda puts our people houses to shame.

Paris Hilton dog house.
credit: Paris Hilton

Paris tweeted, "My dogs live in this two-story doggy mansion that has air conditioning, heating, designer furniture, and a chandelier. Loves it." We bet they love it, just look at that palace! We never even knew that a dog would enjoy a balcony, but clearly, Paris' pup loves the view!

And inside, the dog house gets even more opulent.

Paris Hilton dog house interior.
credit: Paris Hilton

Look at those elaborate (and perfectly coordinated) furnishings! What dog wouldn't feel like the king or queen of the house living in that amazing place?

There's even a chandelier, yes, a chandelier.

Paris Hilton dog house interior number 2.
credit: Paris Hilton

We're not sure our pets can appreciate elegant lighting. But we bet they do appreciate the love and thought that went into this place. But we wouldn't expect anything less from the heiress and animal lover.

Even though most of us regular humans can't afford something as elaborate as this doggie mansion, we think it's sweet that Paris loves her pups so much. And for the rest of us, our pets will just have to enjoy their total rule over our lives from the comfort of their slightly more modest dog houses.

But lucky for them, they have control over our house as well. So in a way, they do have their own doggie mansion.