Check Out This Kitty Who Allegedly Turns Herself Green

It looks like Toto wasn't the only furry friend to pay a visit to the Emerald City.

According to Getty Images TV, there is an emerald green cat roaming the streets of Varna, Bulgaria.

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That's right, it's no camera trick. This purrfectly fascinating creature is actually emerald!

PeoplePets reports that the green cat has been a tourist attraction on the streets of Varna since 2014.

Amazed residents of the city and visitors worldwide come to take in the spectacle. But the question on everyone's mind, "How did this kitty turn green?"

Getty Images TV's YouTube video, presents concerned citizens that initially worried that the cat may have been painted green as a prank. The video also claims that residents joked the cat's green color was "the result of a radioactive experiment."

Residents allegedly suspected, finally, that "the cat had, in fact, turned herself green". Apparently, the possibilities for such a phenom are endless!

Eventually, Varna residents realized this green-haired beauty liked to take her cat naps in an old paint barrel. So much for the radioactive experiment theory.

Reports claim that after a few years and some rainstorms, the beloved kitty has returned to her natural color, but still keeps small spots of green around her ears, eyes, and neck.

You know, for the sake of fashion.

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Who knows? Maybe your city will discover the next fabulous feline with a technicolored coat. Be on the lookout!