Dog Discovers Something Unbelievably Dangerous While Playing Fetch

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A playful game of fetch in Australia turned out to be way more dangerous than anyone involved expected. During a fun family walk along the beach, Peppah, a curious Staffordshire bull terrier, found what looked like an old car part and began playing fetch with it.


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Her same-breed buddy, Brixton, joined in on the fun and brought the object to their humans to help them throw and play. Peppah is apparently a big fan of fetch and, without her usual objects to play with, was making do with what she found on the beach.

After some careful inspection, her family realized that Peppah may have just grabbed something pretty precarious indeed. It turns out, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, that "fun" object she was unknowingly begging her people to throw was an unexploded WWII mortar.

The authorities who showed up to take care of the bomb through a controlled detonation agreed that the dogs and the family were really lucky the bomb didn't explode.


So remember next time you go for a sweet family stroll with your fetch-obsessed Fido, bring something they can play with or your pup could procure something particularly perilous.