15 Silly Kitties You Need To Cuddle With Your Eyes Right Meow

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Another week brings another batch of the cutest, funniest, and weirdest kitteh stuff floating around on the social web.


In this week's column, we have an Australian cat living its very best life, the most adorable interspecies friendship ever, and a life hack that will help your floofer shed unwanted poundage.

Settle in, get comfy, and read about all of these very important cats right meow!

1. Almost certainly the best adaptation of the so-called distracted boyfriend meme that's been clogging your social feeds of late.

2. Putting a literal twist on the phrase hogwash, we hereby present this video of a teensy tiny kitten grooming his equally petite piglet BFF. Can you even? CAN YOU REALLY?

3. Stop whatever you're doing and watch this ninja cat slowly inch his way onto his human's lap. #longcon

4. Pecan the tabby, a/k/a the original bell ringing kitty, just celebrated his 12th birthday (!!!) with party hats and a celebratory cupcake (that, don't fret, was only included in the pic as a prop).

Bounce on over to his Facebook page to congratulate him on hitting this milestone.


5. It's no secret that cats occupy some sort of weird state between solids and liquids, but this shot of a bodega tortie nestled amongst some two-liter bottles of pop is, well, ridic.

6. Summer isn't over just yet, as this clip of a very chill cat enjoying ice pack belly rubs reminds us.

7. Cutest. Supurrvisor. Ever.

8. There are majestic floofs and then there are majestic floofs.

9. An adventure cat is road-tripping around Australia in a van with his human, and I've never been more jeally of anyone or anything.

Culture Trip goes more on this story, including video.


10. I'm in luv with this one-eyed orange tabby, and I doubt I'm the only one. #bestillmyheart

11. According to a new study published by the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, food puzzles can cut a chubby cat's weight by up to 20 percent!

Tech blog Gizmodo has all the deets.

12. This is what pure, unadulterated joy looks like.

13. When life imitates art, cuteness ensues.

14. Seems legit ¯_(ツ)_/¯

15. Game recognizing game.