This Pooped Pooch Accidentally Falling Asleep Will Give You A Giggle Fit

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Reaction GIFs are the currency of the realm here on the internet. And right now, the coin trading the hardest is prompting cries of "same," "it me," and "relatable AF."


The stars of said GIF, you ask?

A pair of 7-year-old long-coat Chihuahuas named Maguro and Tororo, seen sitting in the front seat of a car somewhere in Hiroshima, as they wait for their human to return (fret not, the window is down and the vehicle is air-conned 😎 ).


Halfway through the loop, Magura, the slightly darker chi on the left, can be seen slipping into a spontaneous slumber, as Tororo looks on unfazed (number of effs given: 0).

Because their reactions seem all too human, viewers have been identifying very STRONGLY with the slumping pups.

While the original clip was posted at Instagram (where it has totaled about 61,000 spins), it has since spilled over to other platforms on the social web.

Including behemoths like Facebook.


And Imgur.

It has crossed geographic borders too: From Brazil and Mexico to China and France, people just can't seem to get enough of the adorable duo.

"The day after partying hard. Me in my thirties vs me when I was 20."

But, however cute, the video isn't quite what it seems.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, owner, Keiji Yoshihara revealed that Maguro wasn't catching 💤💤💤s at all: He simply lost his footing and slumped into a box behind him.


giphy embed

Not as funny we grant no, but then, it's a mishap no less relatable (amirite or AMIRITE?).

Assembled below for your scrolling pleasure: A handful of embeds pulled from Yoshihara's Insta, which overflows with cuteness.

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