Baffled Man Unclear On Exactly How He Became A Cat Daddy

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Some feline friendships are fated. At least, that's how it felt when Imgur user Nigeltown came home to find an adorable kitty at his house making himself, well, at home.


The thing is, this man does not own a cat.

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The unexpected visitor quickly became comfortable.

Being a considerate human roommate, he paw-sed to consider his new four-legged friend's needs. Figuring his fur friend might be feline famished, he went to the store for some kitty food.


Dinner was very much appreciated.

Nigeltown then went on a neighborhood hunt to confirm that his kitty companion did not, in fact, belong to one of his neighbors.

Since the animal seemed like he wasn't kitten around about sticking around, the responsible human took him to the vet to get him checked out.

He discovered though his new feline friend didn't have an identification chip, the kitty did come bearing worms and fleas. So the new human servant — er — friend took care of those issues too.

It quickly became clear that this cat wasn't going anywhere.

The now-cat-owner decided it's meow or never, so he gave his new cat friend an official name, Buddy. Nobody in the neighborhood had any cats go missing or recently born kittens.


Wherever Buddy came from is still a mystery.

Regardless, there's no questioning the pair are certainly happy in their new paw-tnership together.

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