Boyfriend Saves A Pair Of Chewed-Up $500 Heels With A Creative Hack

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It's no secret that dogs love to chew. Usually, we can keep their chewing habit to agreeable things like their toys and chew sticks. But every dog owner lives in fear of the day their dog gets their teeth on something we love. And one of the main things that dogs love to chew is our shoes. We love our pets, but we hate to see our stuff destroyed.

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But because dogs don't respect our stuff like we want them to, sometimes we come face-to-face with their destructive tendencies. However, one amazing boyfriend didn't just sit idly by when his dog chewed up his girlfriend's expensive shoes. Instead, he turned them into armor-clad dog-proof shoes that look even more stylish than before. It's amazing what a little creativity can do in even the direst of situations.

Imgur user Alan, aka swordspath, made the best of a bad situation when his girlfriend found her shoes destroyed by their adorable pup.

Unfortunately, the dog picked these $500 shoes to destroy, which was NOT a great situation (but look at that adorable face).

Luckily, Alan is no ordinary boyfriend. He's a talented metal craftsman, so he immediately went to work to repair the damage to his girlfriend's shoes by adding metal to the destroyed heel.

We can honestly say that we would NEVER have thought to use metal to cover up all that damage to the shoe, but it looks pretty cool so far. Alan patched the leather on the shoe, then started fitting hammered metal pieces around the heel to cover all the damaged areas.


Of course, this boyfriend knows what he's doing, because what he typically posts on his Imgur are pictures of the amazing armor that he creates.

Wow, that's pretty stunning. And it's no wonder that he wasn't daunted by fixing the shoe. After adding all the metal details, Alan painted the shoe, and it turned out pretty badass.


Nobody would guess that this is a shoe a dog had almost destroyed.

It looks like the kind of shoe some awesome superhero would wear to fight evil.

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Although the heel might not be terribly practical for that. Regardless, Alan definitely saved the day and turned some dog-chewed lemons into really awesome lemonade.

Do you think we could send Alan the shoes our dogs all chewed up, so he can fix those too?


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