This Mom Will Literally Sell The Shirt Off Her Back To Pay For Her Dog's Surgery

What would you do to save your dog? We all hope we never have to answer that question, but sometimes things come up and our dogs need all the help we can give them. That's the question that one British dog owner has come face-to-face with as her dog struggles with a life-threatening disease.

And the answer is, she'll do whatever it takes. According to The Guardian, Dolly-Ann Osterloh loves her dog Snoopy so much that she's willing to give up everything she owns. Because she needs £37,000 to save Snoopy's life.

Dolly-Ann found out that Snoopy has mitral valve disease, a deadly disorder, which is the last thing any dog owner wants to hear.

Snoopy, a 9-year-old Yorkie-chi mix developed breathing problems and was soon after diagnosed with the disease, which affects his heart. Dolly-Ann was told that mitral valve disease would kill him, but she learned of an experimental treatment that could save Snoopy's life. The catch? The treatment costs £37,000, which is NOT a small number.

In order to get the money she needs, Dolly-Ann is selling everything she owns via live-stream.

The Guardian reports that Dolly-Ann has raised much of what she needs already through savings, a bank loan, and donations to her GoFundMe campaign, but she's still £9,000 short. So she's decided to host a live-stream video to raise the rest of the money. The live-stream starts Friday, September 8th at 9PM British time (4PM EST/1PM PST).

Dolly-Ann will sell her clothes, her furniture, even her salt shakers if anyone wants them.

She's determined to make enough money to get Snoopy his surgery. Dolly-Ann told The Guardian, "Snoopy means the world to me, he's just like a family member. There's nothing more valuable to me – all these material things don't really mean anything to me compared to my dog."

Snoopy looks like a very sweet dog, and he clearly has an owner that loves him.

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We definitely hope that Snoopy gets the help he needs. If you want to learn more about Snoopy's campaign, you can visit Dolly-Ann's website here. And tune in Friday for the live-stream to buy something or just to witness in real-time some serious doggie devotion.