Colorful Parrot Finds A Goth Girlfriend & They're Our New Favorite Lovebirds

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Some couples' relationship goals never get off the ground, but then Kiwi and Siouxie aren't just any old lovebirds.

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In fact, their relationship is in its infancy, and only now, is it beginning to take flight.

See, Kiwi, he of the stunning plumage that looks like an ombré-shaded popsicle blended from all of the best tropical juices, was lonely and pining for a birdy beau to join him in his nest.


Enter his owner, Maura, who wanted her little BFF to live his best life. So she paired him with Siouxie, a gothy counterpart with an equally stunning aesthetic.

Thankfully, it didn't take long for the two to fall madly in love.

And the same could be said for everyone on Twitter, which immediately starting shipping the new sweeties with gusto.

"When she finally starts flirting back" = 😂 😂 😂

Others drew on pop culture to make comparisons: "This is April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer" (of NBC's Parks And Recreation).

"I WAS THINKING OF THIS SCENE HAHA", screemed (sic) someone in agreement.

One motivated individual even went so far as to sketch some very inspired fan art.

And if some were moved to tears (or the tease thereof) by Kiwi and Siouxie's collective beauty ...

... there were those already ~hatching~ hopes for some offspring.

Should that day come, Cuteness, the internet's leading authority on all things adorable, will be there to report back on it!


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