17 Of The Funniest Animal Surprises That Will Make You Keep Your Camera Handy

Caution: these animals are super cute. When viewing these photos, you may experience side effects such as giggles, chortles, and full on LOLs.

1. Who left a powdered doughnut out on the porch?

Dog covered in light dusting of snow.
credit: Reddit

2. "He's behind me, isn't he?"

Pigeon on a window sill with surprised cat in the background.
credit: Tumblr

3. "Human! How dare you defy me?"

Cat wanting to be let inside.
credit: Tumblr

4. This seems like the kind of prank you only pull once.

5. It's the heist of the century.

Cat sleeping while raccoon steals from bird feeder.
credit: Imgur

6. "Oh, hey. 'Sup?"

Raccoon in a gutter looks like it's waving.
credit: Reddit

7. Surprise! Three puppers for the price of one!

Dog whose ears look like two more dogs.
credit: Imgur

8. Someone get this ferret an Oscar!

9. You know that feeling when you get a new haircut and nobody notices?

10. "Fed up with life. Am shoe now."

Cat sitting in a row of similarly sized shoes.
credit: Reddit

11. Baby Cerberus guarding the gate to Heck.

Three puppies poking their heads through a hole in a fence.
credit: Imgur

12. An unconventional chick magnet.

13. Why is there not an all-cat hockey league yet?

14. "No time to explain. Get in!"

Dog in driver's seat of semi truck.
credit: Imgur

15. The mighty hunter brings down its prey!

16. Good pet owners understand that no one likes be excluded.

Two dogs with signs.
credit: Imgur

17. "For the last time, Barry, you are NOT allowed on the couch!"

Bear standing on a couch.
credit: Reddit

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