Here Are 16 Random Photos Of Animals Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better

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Fun fact: The internet was invented as a giant storage facility for funny and/or adorable animal pictures. Okay, that was a lie, but it feels true on some levels, right?

Here, then, are 16 perfectly random and hilarious pictures unearthed from deep within the archives of the internet.


Video of the Day

1. When you try too hard to fit in with the cool kids:

2. "Sure, I'll follow your rules."

3. "The last thing I saw before I died."

4. Humans are the h*cking worst.

5. "Are those treats vegan?" — this annoying hipster dog.

6. Innocent mistake.

7. Do you want your cat solid or in powder?

8. What you see in this image says a lot about you as a human being.

9. Quick, someone make a Labyrinth sequel and cast this goat, STAT.

10. You know, just one of those days when you feel like your life is literally in a toilet.

"Well, actually, it's really not that bad once you start to get used to the smell."

11. Boy, no.

12. This picture was texted at 3 a.m., definitely.

13. Hands up if Pizza Cat is your soulmate.

14. No. Questions.

15. When you're always hungry but trying to be polite:

16. "Don't worry, I got you — no wait, that was not accurate. I don't. I don't have you. You are on the ground now."

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