Just 20 Photos Of The Happiest, Fluffiest Pets We've Ever Seen

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We'd trade places in a heartbeat with any of these pampered critters.

1. I naps now.

2. "Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin"

3. What did we ever do to deserve dogs?

4. Like. A. Boss. #boxgoals

5. "Let me show you the dance of my people" = 😂 😂 😂

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6. This week on Paw & Order: Otticer Briscoe goes undercover to bust a ring of beavers bootlegging frozen Otter Pops.

7. Adventure beckons for this duo.

8. "Jan, the kitten dispenser is jamming again. Call maintenance and have them check it out."

9. Just a picture of a bearded lizard garbed in pink leg warmers to bless your screen. Why? WHY NOT!

10. "Aw yisss, sunreys, thets da goud stuff"

11. They're plotting something and we need to know what it is ASAP!

12. These cats probably have softer mattresses than most humans. #thestruggleisreal

13. Lap cow needs cuddles and she needs them NOW.

14. Good boy must be wound up before paddling.

15. "I can't help it if chicks dig me" — this pup

16. The face I make when I remember it's 🌮🌮🌮 Tuesday.

17 Bossy cats ringing bells for treats makes me fear for the future of the human race. 😨 😨 😨

18. It's like Eclipse 2017 all over again, only cuter and furrier.


20. Live every day like you're a puppy with its head out the window of a moving vehicle!