This 'Gossip Girl' Star Found His Lost Dog In The Most 2017 Way Ever

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Never before today did we appreciate the importance of social media in reuniting owners with their lost pets, but this story of a woman who found a lost dog is just too incredible. But when Emily Black Favreau found an adorable pup lost and wandering around her neighborhood, she decided to post about the dog on social media. Little did she know whose dog she had just saved.


Video of the Day

Emily posted this picture to Twitter of her and the adorable pup she found.

"Found dog! He's safe and sound at our office now but found running down Santa Monica Blvd in WeHo near Hugo's."


"He appears to be mid-bath. No collar and a little damp. Very friendly and well behaved. Taking him to @VCAPetHealth to see if he's chipped."

Luckily, Emily has more than 18,000 Twitter followers, so she was able to reach a huge number of people. And it was a good thing she is so popular because all of those screens helped find the dog's dad. Who was his dad? Well, that's the amazing TV-worthy twist to the story.

The dog's dad turned out to be Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford.

"You guys! Happy ending! Shiner has been reunited with his dad, @chacecrawford! Gotta love West Hollywood."


Turns out, the adorable pup's name is Shiner, and just look how happy his dad looks to get him back. If only Emily wasn't happily married to the amazing former Obama speechwriter, Jon Favreau (NOT the Iron Man director), this seems like the perfect start of a love story. But instead, it's mostly just a totally sweet story of a dog that found its way home.

Now Chace and Shiner are reunited, so they can take dramatic Instagram photos together.

It's nice to know that some dramatic TV-worthy stories end totally happily.