Cat Named Princess Monster Truck Would Like To Smash A School Bus

If you've never heard of Princess Monster Truck, then you've been missing out.

This uniquely majestic cat has a countenance unlike any other.

While her sleek coat says “Bow down before me,” her face says “Let's smash a school bus.” Either way, we're on board.

Princess Monster Truck ascended to her internet throne from humble beginnings. She was rescued off the streets of Brooklyn by Tracy Timmons and Joseph Bryce, who discovered her in a bush near their house. According to Tracy, "Her hair was totally matted, she was really thin and obviously hungry."

It's a good thing they found her, because the internet would not be the same without her regal presence.

Her Royal Highness has gathered a devoted following since her humans made her an Instagram account in 2013.

These days, she puts her fame to good use by promoting the adoption of other shelter and rescue animals.

Long may she reign!

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