17 Animals Who Are Getting Petted So Right

These animals are getting scritchy scratches in all the right places.

1. This dog might actually be melting.

2. Who needs catnip? Not this guy.

Cat getting its armpit scratched.
credit: Imgur

3. Literal hog heaven.

4. Everything about this feels so right.

5. Just avoid the horns.

6. Mmmm, deep tissue facial massage.

7. Beards have the perfect kitty-scratching texture.

8. Apparently owls also like head rubs.

9. Pure bliss.

Dog getting tummy rub.
credit: Flickr

10. This lynx has a purr that would put a motorcycle to shame.

11. Behind the ear! Jackpot!

Dog getting scratched behind the ear.
credit: Facebook

12. "Thith feelth fantathtic."

13. We don't recommend doing this with your local hyenas.

14. "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."

15. Maybe if Batman got to cuddle a baby bat, he wouldn't be so gloomy all the time.

16. Perfection.

Dog getting its chin scratched.
credit: Tumblr

17. Being a lap dog is about attitude, not size.

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