It just may be possible to extend your dog’s life…(seriously)

By Megan Spurrell from NomNomNow

We all know there are few things better than staring at photos of cute animals. Though, if given the option, we'd gladly trade that in to have our furry best friends live forever. But that's impossible, right? Right?!

Or is it?

credit: NomNomNow

If you consider your dog to be family like I do, and likely most of you here at Cuteness, then you've probably been shocked to learn what's in most of our pet food. (Seriously, have you seen how kibble is made?). As more and more studies come out showing the long-term health effects mass-produced pet food has on our dogs (even the "nice" brands) it's become clear that the food we feed our dogs directly correlates to the type - and length- of life they will lead.

The solution, veterinarians say, is fresh dog food. Research has shown that a fresh, natural diet can help our dogs live longer, healthier (and even happier) lives, and it's up to us pet parents to make the switch. Pet owners who have already taken the plunge are saying it's, in a word, "life-changing".

Thanks to new pet food companies like NomNomNow, making the switch to fresh dog food is something we can all do-- and should do. NomNomNow is changing our dogs' lives in one simple way: by delivering fresh food custom to our fur babies. Each week they cook fresh, all-natural, human-grade food to every dog's order, then do free delivery to your home (and right now, you can try it for just $1).

credit: NomNomNow

"Fresh diets for dogs have a variety of benefits," says Dr. Justin Shmalberg, DVM, Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, "It's nutrition you can see. Going forward, we all need to be looking for ways to provide fresh diets to our pets."

"Honestly, NomNomNow has changed our lives," says Kyla, dog mom to Ellie, "I no longer have to worry about my dog getting enough nutrients."

So what is a fresh diet, exactly? A fresh diet, simply put, is any pet food made with whole, fresh ingredients. And no, it's not the 'fresh' food that comes in a tube or can. It's fresh meat and vegetables, gently cooked, with an end product that doesn't look much different from your own food. It's a stark contrast to the processed kibbles that have dominated pet food for decades, and it's a change every pet parent can feel great about.

credit: NomNomNow

Fresh feeders say their dogs benefit from a fresh diet within weeks, with results such as: a shinier and softer coat, smaller stools due to less fillers, more energy, better moods, and even relief from chronic health conditions-- not to mention lowered risk for serious health issues down the road. Which is what all dogs, deserve, we think! If those are the benefits, this fresh dog food craze is too good to pass up.

The moments of gratification from feeding fresh each day, though, are beyond just watching your best friend thrive.

"Honestly, I get as much out of it as Teddy does," says Donna S. of Los Angeles, "When I see how excited he is when I get the food out of the fridge, when I see how much healthier he is each day, how much happier he is...When people mistake him, as a 12-year- old dog, for a puppy? It makes me feel so good knowing I've giving that to him with something as simple as a new food. Nothing compares to that feeling of giving him a better quality of life. Which is exactly what he deserves!"

Signing up for NomNomNow is super easy, but we think the best way to try is with a Sample Box. It includes samples of 4 of their fresh dog food recipes, and is only $1 right now - including shipping. It sounds too good to be true, but we gave it a try. Let's just say it'll be one of the best dollars you've spent recently.