This Kitty Is A Private Dancer Who Dances For Money

We all know the frustration of wanting to play with a kitty who literally couldn't care less about our existence. But have you ever thought about paying a cat to play with you?

Residents in Tulsa, Oklahoma are slipping dollars between the glass doors of a marketing firm to get the attention of a cat who loves to play with people money.

Sir Whines A Lot is grey kitteh who works for his family's company chasing mice away and keeping laptops warm, but it turns out that workers in nearby offices have discovered Sir Whines A Lot's passion for playing with dollar bills.

Fans of the kitty have nicked named him CASHnip, btw.

When Stuart McDaniel discovered his kitty's hidden talent, he decided to donate the money to a local homeless charity.

"I get a call from my dad saying, 'Why is there money on the floor at the office? There's at least $5 on the floor near the glass, where you can slip it through,'" McDaniel's told ABC News. "My mom and sister [and I], we figured if people are doing it already we might as well apply it for something good in the community."

So far, McDaniels has delivered two $100 checks to the Tulsa Day Center, and he and Sir Whines A Lot are preparing a third.

Mary & Jamie Oldaker Visit Cashnip Kitty

When the legendary Jamie Oldaker and his wife Mary B Oldaker stop by, you don't just PUSSYFOOT AROUND; you put on a show! Yesterday was Jamie's birthday and stopping by to make a donation was part of the plan. Friends, this couple is the cat's meow! They and many of the merchants in the East Village District Tulsa raised $15,000 for The Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless at their MOJO Fest 2017. The annual festival celebrates the couples anniversay and raises money for the very same nonprofit as #CashnipKitty. Yep, they are both sweeter than a bowl of cream!

Posted by CASHnip Kitty on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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