Memes Fly When A Tiny Astronaut Is Spotted Walking Her Dog

Kids love to dress up. Kids also love to walk dogs.

So nobody in the neighborhood was surprised when a boy wearing an astronaut costume took his pooch for a stroll in a quiet residential area. In fact, most just thought it was cute and went about their day, but one person snapped a photo and posted it to Reddit (as one does in 2017).

The photo — you guessed it — was heavily shared, commented on, and enjoyed by most everyone who witnessed this weapons-grade cuteness. It even inspired a good old fashion Reddit Photoshop challenge, where fans use the photo-editing platform du jour to remix the subject into hilarious situations like putting the little aspiring astronaut on the moon ...

... and Mars ...

... or tethered to a grownup because stranger danger.

Nothing To See Here, Just A Tiny Astronaut Walking Her Dog
credit: DJUGDISH

GIFs were made ...

... as were parodies ...

... and then everything ended poorly (as things are want to do online).

Nothing To See Here, Just A Tiny Astronaut Walking Her Dog

But we guess that's just life on Mars.

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