Episode 19: Is Your Pet Basic If They Like Pumpkin Spice?

If you live that pumpkin spice life, then the arrival of sweater weather probably makes you giddy. After all, the autumnal equinox signals purveyors of artisanal pumpkin crafts to fill their store aisles with the aromas and flavors of America's most beloved gourd. But is pumpkin good for your pets? And if your pup or kitty has a love for pumpkin spice, does that make them basic too?

Cuteness Pawdcast hosts Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo cover all things pumpkin spice in this episode devoted to the season and delve into the weirdness of pumpkin spice products for cats and dogs.

Renee also introduces a porcupine named Teddy who has an adorable and surprising reaction to pumpkins, while Allegra shares her favorite pet-themed pumpkin DIY projects.

Find out why you should be feeding pumpkin to your dog, and whether or not cats also benefit from the healthy properties of this amazing squash on another stupendous episode of the Cuteness Pawdcast. If you like what you're hearing, check out our episode devoted to the first things to do with a new pet.

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