Cincinnati Zoo Welcomes New Gorilla One Year After Harambe's Death

Just over a year after the controversial death of the gorilla Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo welcomed a new gorilla to the habitat. Mshindi, a 29-year-old Western Lowland Silverback gorilla, was recently transferred from Louisville to Cincinnati.

The transition has been in the works for a while with the two cities working closely together to study Mshindi and make sure the habitat change up is as smooth as possible. And, according to the Cincinnati Zoo's official website, the gorilla is adjusting nicely to his new home.

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Zoo officials explained that he will rotate between the indoor and outdoor habitats for a bit while transitioning to his new surroundings. And if you don't catch a glimpse of him soon, you can see much more of him after the zoo finishes construction on the gorilla habitat later in the year.

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Mshindi isn't alone in his new habitat. Two female gorillas, Chewie and Mara, will share the space with him. The three will be introduced slowly behind-the-scenes to make the "getting to know you" process hopefully easier on everybody.

Along with the new gorilla announcement, the zoo mentioned its ongoing projects and commitments to the gorilla population. Hopefully, the excellent care Mshindi gets along with a new gorilla habitat will be the start of a happy new chapter for the zoo and its inhabitants.

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