Dogs Lose Their Gosh Dang Mind When Their Human Says This One Thing

German pointer dogs lose their goddamn mind when their human dad says this one thing
Adorable doggos + enthusiastic borks = An 100% aborkable video
credit: ViralHog / Rumble

Sometimes all it takes a single prompt for pure bedlam to erupt.

Such was the case when this man, name unknown, was driving with his four dogs, German Pointers all. The destination, too, is a mystery, but the passing scenery is chill, and the pups seemingly even chiller.


"Meridio, where are we going? he asks quizzically, before repeating it again for effect.

The woofers, as if on cue, jump to their feet, coming together in a shared sense of recognition to form a chorus of borks, yelps, and howls: They know a park of some sorts is nearby and they are HERE FOR IT.

It's a story best told, as most on the internet are, with peanut butter and GIFs.

Take, for example, the Pointer in the far back, who brushes past his packmates in the back seat to register his h*ckn happiness.

The driver temporarily restrains him, but the dog, overcome with excitement, lulls him into a false sense of security before pouring into the front seat.

But, as it turned out, the destination wasn't unknown. In an interview with Rumble, the man reveals why the doggos lost their collective shit:

"One day this past summer I decided to take my dog and my parents' dogs out to the quarry where they have been going since they were all just little puppies. Every single time they are taken to the quarry, when they are just around the corner they start howling, because they are so excited and this time was no exception. They don't stop until the vehicle is parked."

Watch the canine celebration in the embed below!

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