If You Think This Bright White Giraffe Is Unusual, Then Check Out Her Baby

It would take quite a bit for giraffes to be any more adorable. With their long eyelashes and even longer legs, these cuties are the envy of the animal kingdom. But an act of nature has revealed two giraffes with good looks so unique, they might as well be unicorns.

Two bright white giraffes have been spotted in Kenya. A completely white female and her super cute baby calf whose spots are barely visible.

The pair was recently spotted by rangers at the Hirola Conservation Program and have a genetic condition known as Leucism. Unlike albinism which is a congenital condition, animals with leucism loose color in their skin and hair, but not their organs.

These animals are rare, but a white leucistic giraffe was seen in Tanzania's Tarangire National Park last year ...

... and a ghostly white moose was spotted in Sweden in August.

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