Earthquake Rescuers Yelled, 'Quiet.' What They Found Next Shocked Everyone

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Mexico City is the latest city rocked by natural disaster. The heavily-populated city was hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday. Now, people are banding together to search for survivors.


While more than 200 have been confirmed dead in the truly devastating earthquake, many have been found alive, as well, including some pets.

One of those rescues was caught on camera. During a search and rescue on Tuesday, emergency workers found a dog who was trapped in the rubble, but still alive. They rescued her and held her up for the waiting crowd to see— which naturally led to cheers all around.

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The dog's family's whereabouts are still unknown, The Dodo reports, but her survival gives people hope that they survived too.


While some dogs are being rescued, others are leading rescue efforts themselves. Titan is a dog who has rescued at least 21 people so far.

And here's Frida, who has saved a whopping 52 people.

Our thoughts are with all the people and pets impacted by the earthquake.