Vet Dresses Kittens Up As Taylor Swift & It Will Melt Your Heart

By now you probably know that Taylor Swift recently released a new single and music video, and you've probably watched it a hundred times. The video for "Look What You Made Me Do" stars a new, darker Taylor, but it also features Taylor in famous looks from her past.

Well, Jessica, a vet in Portland, just made this new video a million times better, because she added cats. She dressed her foster kitties up in adorable outfits inspired by the different faces of Taylor Swift in the video.

And it's just as amazing as you can imagine. (Hover to play.)

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Cats make perfect models, too, because Taylor herself loves her cats.

And now, without further ado, check out Jessica's full collection of T-Swift costumes, starring Pinto, Luna, Garbanzo, Fava, Dobby, Jelly, and Chili. Get ready to say, "Awwwwww!"

"Shake it Off" Taylor Swift in this lovely swan lake costume.

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We are literally dying over that tiara! Too cute!

"Fearless" tour Taylor Swift glimmering in sequins.

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Just look at that tiny guitar!

Snake Taylor Swift in her red dress surrounded by snakes.

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Garbanzo doesn't look very intimidating, but red is totally her color.

2009 VMA-winning Taylor Swift.

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We'd like to see Kanye try to take the mic away from that little cutie.

Reputation Taylor Swift looking very svelte.

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Now that's a kitty with a dark side.

Zombie Taylor Swift raising heck in the graveyard.

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She's thirsty for blood... and snuggles!

Nerdy t-shirt Taylor Swift from the "You Belong with Me" video.

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Awww, well hat adorable kitty definitely belongs with us.

Seriously, we can't get enough of these sassy sweeties, and here they are all together in on image!

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Thank you, Jessica, for bringing these costumed kitties into our lives. And for those really swooning, know that all these kitties are up for adoption. You could be their forever home!

And just in case you need to watch Taylor's original video again while imagining kitties staring in it, here it is:

Look what you made Jessica do, Taylor. Because it is crazy adorable!