Koala Released Back Into Wild After Harrowing 10-Mile Car Ride

Just call it Mad Max: Furry Road: An Aussie koala is safe after it unexpectedly hitched a 10-mile ride while wrapped precariously around a car axel near the city of Adelaide last weekend.

According to the BBC, the female marsupial "crawled into the wheel arch of the vehicle while it was parked" and promptly fell asleep (very relatable, amirite?).

When it awoke, the 4-wheel drive was motoring down a windy hill back to the suburbs. Eventually, the driver was alerted to the her cries of distress and pulled over.

Firefighters arriving on the scene found the animal in a "shocked" condition but after removing the wheel, were able to coax the creature, dubbed Kelly after one of the first responders, from the wheel well with treats and pets.

"Remarkably the koala escaped with only minor injuries," reports Nine New Adelaide in the report embedded below.

After a couple days of recuperation under the watchful eyes of her rescuers, Kelly was released back into the wild where she promptly climbed up a tall tree and, surprise, took a much-deserved siesta (I told you she was relatable!).