15 Animals Who Are Making A Run For It

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Stuck at a boring party when you'd rather be home on the couch bingeing your favorite Netflix show?

Take a cue from these animals and their very clever, very funny exit strategies.


Video of the Day

1. Real footage of me turning in an assignment at 5:01 when my editor gives me a 5:00 deadline.

2. "I must go now, my planet needs me"

3. Look up smooth in a dictionary and you'll find this cat.

4. Like. A. Boss.

5. Irish goodbye mode: activated


7. 🎶 "They see me rollin / They hatin" 🎶

8. * Watches Homer-Simpson-receding-into-a-bush-GIF one time *

9. I, for one, will welcome our new feline overlords.

10. Me IRL when I spot my ex across the room at something hosted by mutual friends.

11. Have skis, will travel.

12. Here's your daily/weekly/monthly reminder that cats are basically liquids.

13. When the Sarge tries to assign you a new partner but you know that you do your best work alone.

14. RUDE (but brilliant)

15. What is even happening here?!?

Because awkward goodbyes at the end of events really are the elephant in the room 😉

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