Watching A Soldier Bring A Puppy Back To Life Will Make You See Good In The World

When recruits with the Thai military entered a flooded garage near their barracks, the young men were ready for just about anything. Except, however, what they found floating amid the floodwaters.

A puppy had been separated from his mother who was unable to reach him because of the rapidly rising waterline, according to Mashable. Frantic, the men waded through to rescue the puppy, but it was too late. The puppy was soaking wet and non-responsive.

But that's when one soldier, Weeraphon Sukudom, leaped into action and began resuscitating the lifeless puppy.

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A video posted by a fellow recruit, Tongchana Paeloy, shows Sukudom performing CPR on the lucky pup, turning him over to pat the water from his lungs and even performing mouth-to-mouth.

The puppy is seen coming back to life and breathing on its own.

This is probably the best news we've seen all weekend.