People Are Sending JK Rowling Adorable Photos Of Otters For A Funny Reason

J K Rowling Reads From New Harry Potter Book
credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

No matter your personal politics, these are certainly polarizing times in which we live.

And, like the common man, celebs can't help but feel battered by that toxicity themselves.

Take Harry Potter scribe J.K. Rowling.

Dismayed by trending headlines both in England and abroad, the 52-year-old best selling author opted for some self-care, but in a form that you might not expect.

Writing on Twitter, she asked her 12.7 million followers for shots of otters: "I'm so **ing depressed. Send otter pictures."** (Emphasis ours.)

Because the internet loves a good, if not particularly difficult, challenge, a deluge of otterly adorable snaps was forthcoming.

"Will this one do? x," shared this woman.

"Look at this boys little tubby belly, hope this cheers you up," posted a second fan.

Naturally enough, some dived deep into Google's photo archives to surface portraits of baby otters, because everyone knows that baby animal pictures are the foundation on which the cute internet is built.

("SQUEEEE", or the noise I just made after seeing this.)

Most agreed that the exercise was a valid one: "Otters are generally the best coping mechanism," noted this reader.

"My whole newsfeed is nothing but otters. i shall contribute," penned another.

Others found the thread very relatable: "Whenever I'm really down, I remember that this goat/otter friendship exists, and then I feel a bit better."

"I didn't know I needed this but damn I did" was also the sort of sentiment that was voiced repeatedly.

And when trolls inevitably attempted to hijack the convo ...

... Rowling was there to swat them back.

Though an exception, of sorts, was begrudgingly granted for cats.

After retweeting a bevy of the cutest replies, the queen paused to thank everyone for their contributions.

As we're always looking for seasoned cute spotters to join our growing editorial team, let me be the first to extend an offer to Ms. Rowling to cover the otter beat here at Cuteness [dot] com anytime she wants. 😉