Cat Develops Severe Resting Bitch Face From Living In Shelter

Cats already have a reputation for being pretty aloof. But this cat, whose face has developed a permanent glare, is more than just standoffish.

She very obviously DNGAF.

Shamo is a gray cat in Tokyo who has been living in a rescue shelter for over a year. In that time, she's made it clear that she's not exactly feline her circumstances.

In an effort to help find Shamo a forever home for her forever glare, the shelter set up a Twitter account for the kitty.

And, unsurprisingly, her social media is filled with pawsitively adorable grumpy glares.

Grumpy cat's frown has got nothing on Shamo's furled brows.

Despite her angry face, the pictures on her social media actually show a pretty sweet and cuddly cat. The shelter hopes that by featuring Shamo in all her glaring glory, they'll help find her a home that will appreciate her uniqueness.

Sometimes to stand out in the world, we must embrace what makes us different. Shamo is certainly embracing her distinctly annoyed outlook on the world.

And hopefully, it will help give this angry-looking cat a happy-feeling ending.

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