Serving & Protecting Is A Family Affair For This Police Dog & Her 4 Puppies

Meet Officer Socks.

Trained as an explosive detection canine, the 5-year-old labrador retriever is a member of the University of Pennsylvania's police force.

According to the student-run newspaper The Daily Pennsylvanian, this very good girl has been "patrolling campus" with her handler and caretaker, Officer Julie Wesley, since 2014.

The duo's responsibilities include sweeping for unattended packages, ensuring that events are safe for the public, and acting as an ambassador for the larger Penn community.

In the tweet embedded below, she is seen posing with students and adoring fans for what we can only imagine are future Instagram posts. #doglife

But Socks isn't just a working police doggo: She's also a new mom!

Earlier in the year, the lab gave birth to her second litter, which included 8 (!!!) aborkable puppies.

And serving and protecting appears to run in their blood, because four of the pups — Elvis, Jenner, Moxie, and Willow — are already training for a future in law enforcement under the watchful eye of instructors at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center (PVWDC).

The program was launched in 2012, notes The Daily Pennsylvanian, by the college to prepare dogs for a variety of professional jobs (including search-and-rescue, bomb sniffing, and cancer detection (which I had no idea was thing, so mind = officially blown)).

Early tasks have included "locating someone hiding in a barrel" and "walking over a peanut shaped medicine ball", which threw Elvis for a loop because he decided to, well, plop down on top of it for an impromptu nap (one relates, Elvis, one relates).

While the puppies are still months away from the completion of their schooling, it is expected that they will join nearby police agencies upon graduation, their exact roles to be determined by interest and aptitude.

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