Just 22 Adorable Puppies Howling For Their First Time

Once our puppies start howling, sometimes we wish more than anything that they would stop (especially when the urge strikes in the middle of the night after we've already had a couple of noise complaints from the neighbors), but that first howl? That first howl is adorable and perfect.

1. This baby husky's howl says, "I just can't even right now."

2. This little guy went with the Chewbacca howl for his first (a classic, of course):

3. This one is not for the faint of heart — only watch if you've been developing your cuteness-handling skills for years.


5. Husky puppy howling or angry bird squawking? Close your eyes and you honestly won't know.

6. Rosie is a fast study.

7. This sleep howl is cute now, but after a few sleepless nights, it won't be (well, to his parents anyway — it will always be cute to people who watch it on the internet).

8. Did someone give this husky puppy helium before he howled?

9. Well, you tried your best.

10. Shoutout to this mom who basically sang opera to get her dog to howl for the first time.

11. The woman in this video is all of us listening to these puppies.

12. Fun fact: This is where they got the idea to make dog toys squeak like that. (Lie ... that was a lie. I'm so sorry.)

13. We want to bottle the friendship between this guy and his beagle puppy and save it for our worst days.

14. Bad guys beware indeed.

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15. How's that for harmonizing?

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16. That sound coming out of that face? Dying. Dying. Dead.

17. Warning: This one is HIGH PITCHED.

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18. This is a puppy who thinks he is bigger and scarier than he is, which is the BEST.

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19. Best part? His brother being like, "STFU, we're trying to sleep, dude."

20. Sometimes when a puppy howls for the first time, it sounds a lot like a guinea pig having an anxiety attack, but that's FINE.

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21. It's impossible to watch this video and NOT want to cuddle this boxer puppy.

22. This husky puppy is barely old enough to open his eyes, and he's already howling and OMG CAN'T.

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