22 Pets Who Will Remind You Why You Love Animals

They're cute. They're cuddly. They're hilarious. They're full of pizzazz and spunk! The reasons to love animals go on and on forever!

Here are 22 lovable furballs that will remind you just what made you fall in love with animals in the first place.

1. No need to adjust your screen. He really is this adorbs.

Dog with chew toy
credit: Drew Kirgan

2. "Alright, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

Cat and bubble
credit: Mike Stopp

3. Always ready for the next adventure.

4. We actually have no questions. Just gonna enjoy this one.

Dog on horse
credit: Funny Dogs

5. Leave cat's bowl empty at your own risk.

6. Somebody get this gal a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Dog in canoe
credit: Funny Dogs

7. "Mommy got me a bunny. I love my bunny."

Cat and bunny
credit: giphy.com

8. It's a basket ... OF PUPPIES!

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9. Cuteness overload.

10. When you wake up to cows kissing a dog, you know all is right with the world.

22 Pets Who Will Remind You Why You Love Animals
credit: Reddit

11. All you need is love.

22 Pets Who Will Remind You Why You Love Animals
credit: Reddit

12. OMG, baby monkey.

Baby monkey
credit: giphy.com

13. Totes mastered the splits.

14. These eyes are one gorgeous window to this kitty soul.

15. Sharing is caring.

Sharing cilantro
credit: giphy.com

16. This is gonna be one hell of a wake up call.

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17. All the cuddles. All the feels.

Cuddly pup
credit: Drew Kirgan

18. "I've been spotted! The jig is up!"

19. Good piggy parents remember to walk the cat.

Pigs walk cat
credit: giphy.com

20. If only we could see what they see on the walls!

21. When you're this cute, narcissism is 100% acceptable.

22. "Questioning my awesomeness? Oh, please."

We would never question your awesome. Thank you for reminding us why we just can't get enough of our furry friends!